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  |  22 April 2018
Govt. Akber Ali College
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MicroProcessor Institute (MpI) is a renowned institution in production of academic Lab Instruments, Making Controller systems and Providing Quality Training.MpI has an excellent and dedicated team of Trainers which is updating syllabus and training methodologies regularly according to the present need and market demand.
WHY CHOOSE MicroProcessor Institute :

- Quality Assurance as committed during admission
- Experienced in efficient Training Methodologies
- No compromise with started WORD
- Low Training fee compared to Training STANDARD

MpI is providing both industry and research oriented training. For training, MpI is using PBL (Problem Based Learning), CBT ( Competency Based Learning), Conventional and Hybrid Method. MpI decided to provide the following regular training courses during the industrial attachment period of Diploma-in-Engineering. For industrial attachment students, MpI is offering reduced training fee than regular fee.