Welcome to MicroProcessor Institute
  |  25 May 2018
Govt. Akber Ali College
Engineering Project/Thesis Support Service

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We provide all types of support service like- offering project/thesis title and proposal, related training, completion of the project for universities and polytechnic students.
Some of our projects for Engineering students

1 Moving Message Display
2. Power Backup System
3. System control by Mobile Phone
4. Digital Temperature meter
5. DC Volt meter
6. Small voting machine
7. Remote control switch board (RF)
8. Remote control switch board (IR)
9. Digital clock with alarm
10. Water level automation system
11. Water tank overflow control
12. DC motor control (PWM)
13. Stepper Motor Control System
14. PV panel (Solar Panel) tracker system
15. Password lock system

For undergraduate and masters project/thesis, please contact with your Supervisor requirements.

MI Hotline: 01947 50 83 34