Welcome to MicroProcessor Institute
  |  25 May 2018
Govt. Akber Ali College
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Welcome to Technical Specification

[Designed and developed by MicroProcessor Institute]

IC experiment

40 pin ZIF socket in order to use all Digital Chip up to 40 pin in DIP package

Input unit


 "2-state switch" unit with 16 switches

DIP switch array with 8 switch p

Clock Pulse: Two type of clock pulse Module.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1.      <;!--[endif]-->Active High

< !--[if !supportLists]-->2.      <;!--[endif]-->Active low


Output unit


Two BCD to 7-segment display Unit

A "LED display" unit for experiment with 16 LEDs


Onboard features

(i) 2-input AND logic gate

(ii 2-input OR logic gate

(iii NOT logic gate

(iv) 2-input, three NAND logic gate

(v 2-input , three NOR logic gate

(vi) Universal logic gate experiment

(vii 2-input XOR logic gate

(viii J-K flip-flop

(ix) Project board area:

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1.      <;!--[endif]-->Three distribution strip of 100 tie points (Total 300 tie points),

< !--[if !supportLists]-->2.      <;!--[endif]--> Two Terminal strip of 650 tie points(Total 1300 tie points)


(i) A power indicator LED to indicate power ON or OFF.

(ii) There is a +5 volt regulated DC power supply experimental

Power supply

AC 220v input power supply. Built-in DC adapter.

Mechanical size

14.8" X 11" X 4.5"


Wooden box

Price: Please call for price