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  |  22 April 2018
Govt. Akber Ali College
Micro-controller Trainer

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Technical Specifications:


Built in USB programmer.

PIC processor speed

4 MHz (fixed) on board by crystal oscillation system.

MCU supports

All PIC Micro-Controller

I/O line

For PIC16F84A: Two input/output ports have 13 (8 + 5) I/O lines

For 40 pin MCU: Up to 5 ports and 33 input-output line

Display unit


7-segment display unit of  two common-anode 7-segments

LED display unit of 8 LEDs

One 8x8 LED Matrix display unit

LCD Display module: 2X16 (2 line and 16 character in every line)

Motor  unit


DC motor unit with a 9v DC motor and an on-board driver circuit.

Stepper motor unit with driver circuit.

Traffic light control system


Four-road junction with three-lights (RED, YELLOW & GREEN) system

Switch  unit


4 Push switches

4 two-state switches

Analog Voltage Input

Analog voltage source : 0 to +5 volt using Potentiometer

On-board feature


18 pin ZIF socket for PIC16F84A chip and any 18 pin PIC MCU

40 pin ZIF socket for any MCU up to 40 pin

Project board

4 voltage sources (0v, +5v, +9v, +12v)

Programmer Interface


Power supply

AC 220v.

Mechanical size

14.8"  X  11"  X 4.5"


Wooden Box

Price: Please Call for price